Dan: 15. februar, 2007


je nova/stara natega … z zastrašujočim virusom … na katero očitno mnogi padajo

čeprav v mailu … ki svari pred tem virusom piše … Informacijo lahko preverite na internetu ! … tega očitno nihče ne … saj bi sicer videl tole:


Olympic Torch (virus hoax)

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Olympic Torch is a computer virus hoax sent out by e-mail. The hoax e-mails first appeared in February 2006. The "virus" referred to by the e-mail does not actually exist. The hoax e-mail warns recipients of a recent outbreak of "Olympic Torch" viruses, contained in e-mails titled "Invitation", which erase the hard disk of the user’s computer when opened. The hoax email further purports the virus to be acknowledged by such reputable sources as CNN, McAfee and Microsoft as one of the most dangerous viruses yet reported. In reality, the "Olympic Torch" virus is non-existent, and generally has not been reported by the organisations quoted.